Using an Exercise Ball Workout Guide -

Using an Exercise Ball Workout Guide

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The number of people who use exercise ball workout methods is on the rise. There are endless exercises you can do on them without any risk of hurting yourself as they allow all body parts to stretch and work at the same time. Despite this, some exercise ball workout methods are better suited for certain tasks than the others. Below we explore why some exercise ball workout methods are better suited for certain activities.

Size It Up 

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There are so many different exercise ball workout guides out there with varying sizing options, but there is no best size. The size you need depends mainly on your body size. If you have slim legs, then you want something smaller and if you have bigger thighs and arms you need a larger ball. Since all exercise balls are durable, you can be sure that no matter what your body build, they will conform to it and provide you with a great workout.

Chest Size

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This one is pretty self explanatory, but it is critical that you find the right chest exercise ball for your body. The basic rule of thumb is to find one that is between an inch and two inches in diameter. For the most comfortable workouts, you want to place your hands on the floor or a chair that is at least two feet away from the ball. You will want to hold on to the bottom of the ball, while lightly pressing your chest against it, this will target your shoulder’s width apart.

Shoulder Turn

With this exercise you are going to turn your upper body towards the ball, while leaning forward on your elbows. To target your lower body, lift your butt off the floor and place your elbows on the floor directly under your shins. You want to maintain the same shoulder turn, but now lift your hips up and breathe out while tilting your torso back to the ball. Make sure to keep good form by maintaining a similar distance between your elbows and your shins throughout the rotation.

Lower Body

This exercise targets your back, but you need to start with an unstable surface. To do it properly, place a barbell on the edge of a bench, and then move it towards the front of your legs. You should be fully balanced on the balls of your feet and be breathing heavily while rotating the dumbbells in both directions. Lift the barbell straight out towards your sides, then lower it down slowly, keeping good form. Make sure to stay on a high weight limit for this exercise, and you will quickly see how much core strength you are developing.

Quadriceps Endurance

 This exercise is one that is extremely intense, and it’s very important that you find the right size anti-burst exercise ball, or you may have some issues. The anti-burst balls come in many different sizes and shapes, so you will need to consider which one best suits your needs. For the sake of safety, always try to find the smallest size you can find, and stay away from the “biggest” ones because they will simply not handle the strain. Begin this exercise by standing in front of a chair. Keep your back straight, and then squat down as far as you can. In order to work your quadriceps, stand again in the same position, and then squat all the way down.


With this exercise, it’s important that you’re aware of proper technique. While sitting on the exercise ball, begin with your chest down, and your arms at your sides. Push yourself off the floor until your chin is about two feet above the ground, then raise your body back up and repeat on the other side. Use slow, controlled motions, and don’t worry about making a sound. After you finish a push-up, simply stand on the exercise ball, and return to the ground, repeating the process the second time.


Finally, Side Stretch exercise is similar to the last one we saw, but instead of raising your body up off the floor, it makes you pull yourself down on the ball. Begin by laying down on the floor, then raise your legs so that they are perpendicular to the direction of your body. Rest them on the floor, then raise your upper body up so that your upper arm is stretched out away from your side. Slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position, and then repeat on the other side.

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