The Most Comprehensive Tammy Hembrow Workout Guide For You -

The Most Comprehensive Tammy Hembrow Workout Guide For You

tammy hembrow workout guide

Accountability is a big part of getting and staying fit. But it can be hard to get motivated, especially if you don’t have a buddy or trainer to push you. Tammy Hembrow is a fitness enthusiast who has over three million social media followers, and she knows how to keep herself accountable in the gym. Here are some of the key tips she uses to stay on track, including her favorite workouts and what she eats daily.

Tammy Hembrow’s Favorite Full-Body Workout

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Tammy’s favorite full-body workout is her very own Hembrow Body Bootcamp. There are three versions of this 45-minute interval training session on her website, with instructions on adjusting it depending on what equipment you have at home. The first version starts with an outdoor walk for 5 minutes to warm up, then consists of five rounds where each round alternates between a 1-minute jog/run followed by 30 seconds of high-intensity interval training.

Tammy Hembrow’s Favorite Bodyweight Workout

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Her first two exercises involve using your body weight to sculpt your body. She calls these exercises side steps and wide-leg squats. The side steps are done by taking one step to either side with your feet about hip-width apart, extending one arm in front of you (touching your fingertips together), lifting your back heel off the ground, bending at your hips while lifting your knee-high, then twisting to switch arms. Repeat ten times on each side.

Tammy Hembrow’s Diet Plan

Diet is an important aspect of weight loss, and Tammy Hembrow’s diet plan consists of high protein foods such as eggs, meat, beans, and poultry. She follows the Paleo Diet, which limits processed foods. She also tells her followers to take care not to eat too much as it will slow down their metabolism. For exercise, she suggests 30 minutes of cardio three times per week in addition to some upper body workouts.

Morning Workout Routine

Tammy does 10 minutes of light stretching, followed by 5 minutes of cardio, such as walking, running, or biking. She then stretches again for 5 minutes before showering. It is important to be well-rested and hydrated to maximize your workout time. Tammy drinks lots of water throughout her day and avoids caffeine before any workouts because she says it makes her jittery.

Tammy’s Favorite Cross-Training Exercises

Accountability is key to staying motivated: Tammy stays on track by encouraging her followers with frequent posts. One of Tammy’s favorite cross-training exercises is Skater Jumps. You can do these anywhere, she says. Doing Skater Jumps stimulates your thighs, buttocks, abs, and arms all at once. You can do these anywhere. Tammy says when talking about her favorite cross-training exercise, Skater Jumps. 

Staying On The Right Track

We’re often so passive, and all our activity happens at once (sports, dance classes) that it’s easy to fall into an all-or-nothing mindset about how much movement we’re getting in. Please take note of how often you’re moving throughout your day and try to increase it.


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these tips will make staying fit fun and easy! Make this your year to be the healthiest version of yourself yet!

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