Kyla Itsines Workout Guide -

Kyla Itsines Workout Guide

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In this modern age, not only men but women also like to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Women need to deal with a lot of stress in their life whether they are working women or not. So they need to take care of themselves. Many women help others in this fitness process by guiding them in their journey. Kayla Itsines is one of them. She is an Australian personal trainer and author of the famous BBG ( Bikini Body Guide ) book. She has changed many women’s lives by making them fit and healthy.

Fit and healthy by guiding them in their fitness journey by giving them workout plans and diet plans. Her BBG plan was proved very effective for women to make perfect bikini body as it consists of :

Rebound Lunge

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In this exercise, you have to stand straight and then take one foot forward. After taking one foot forward, you have to bend the knee of the other foot, which is behind, and let it touch the ground. Then do it vice versa. You have to perform ten reps on each side according to her plan.

Bench Jump

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The second exercise in this plan is bench jump. In this, you have to place a bench in front of you, and then you have to jump on it from the ground. You have to repeat these jumps 15 times. 

Lay Down Push-Up

According to her plan, the third exercise is Lay down push-ups. In this, you have to lay down and then perform a push-up. It will strengthen your overall body and make you fit and fine.

Tricep Dip

In this exercise, you have to place a bench behind you and then sit on it, after sitting then perform a dip laying all your body weight on the triceps. This exercise will strengthen up your triceps muscles.

Mountain Climber

In this exercise, you have to go in a push-up position, and then you have to perform a mountain running action. This exercise is perfect for your core muscles, and you have to complete 15 reps with each leg.

Straight Leg Raise

In this exercise, you have to lay on your back and then raise your legs diagonally upright and repeat it 15 times. 

Single-Leg Ab Bike

In this exercise, all you need to do is lay on your back, fold your arms behind your head, fold your legs into the air, and start cycling and combine it with cross-movement components. It will strengthen up your core muscles and remove fat from the core of the body. It will help you in making abs too.


Lastly, I would say it is essential for women to take care of their bodies and health because they are the family’s caretakers. When women of the family are fit and healthy, all the family members are automatically healthy and fit. They will make all other members fit and healthy.

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