How To Create A DIY Fitness Program? 5 Easy Steps -

How To Create A DIY Fitness Program? 5 Easy Steps

How To Create A DIY Fitness Program? 5 Easy Steps

How to create a DIY fitness program? Whether it’s losing weight, building strength, or simply adding positivity to your life, nothing can be well-accomplished without a proper fitness program. The right program starts with determining your fitness level, establishing a fitness goal, choosing the right exercises, and carrying out the plan while tracking your progress regularly. If you want to accomplish your fitness goals without any personal trainer, we can help you. Follow our guide and get started.

Evaluating Fitness Level

The first step is to evaluate your current fitness level. You need to ensure that you are completely ready to start the workout. We recommend seeking a physician before you start to exercise. Your doctor will check for any problems like arthritis, high cholesterol, cardio issue, etc. He/she can also recommend the best and worst exercises according to your fitness level.   

How To Create A DIY Fitness Program? 5 Easy Steps
How To Create A DIY Fitness Program? 5 Easy Steps

Creating A Fitness Plan

Once you are ready to kick off your workout, make a fitness plan specifying your fitness goal and steps you will take to accomplish it. For instance – if you want to gain weight, write down that you need to gain, say -10 pounds in muscle mass in one month. Along with it, mention the changes you are going to make to your diet.

Designing The Workout Routine

The next step of your fitness program is to design your workout routine. Create a routine mentioning all the exercises you would be doing to reach your goal. For gaining muscle, include some good quality strength training exercises that will target various muscles of your body. Add exercises like dumbbell bench press, push-ups, deadlifts, lunges, single-arm dumbbell row, squats, etc. Remember to include some cardio exercises as well as stretching exercises to see results quickly.   

Starting The Workout

Begin exercising by starting slowly at your pace. It’s always wise to start with light exercises like walking or running for 35-40 minutes a day. Once you have developed subtle endurance, you can switch to high-impact exercises. If you think you can’t devote that much time or can’t do the exercises all at once, you can break down your exercise routine in steps. For example – you can do strength training one day, cardio on the other, and so on.

Tracking The Progress

Keeping track of your workout plan is important to ensure consistency in the plan. It will help you track your progress and also make changes to your plan if any. If your goal is to gain weight and strength – you can create a log specifying the exercises and the time you devote to those exercises. Keeping the log will also make you understand your plan deeper. With the help of the progress report, you can replace the exercises that aren’t working. Also, make sure to check your weight once every week.

How To Create A DIY Fitness Program? 5 Easy Steps
How To Create A DIY Fitness Program? 5 Easy Steps

Feeling The Change

Ask yourself – Are you feeling any changes? Physically and mentally? Concentrate on the changes you have experienced since the beginning of your program to date. Write them down to motivate yourself further.

Executing a fitness program successfully is not difficult if you know how to do it rightly. Follow these steps to kick start your fitness journey and reach your goal effectively in no time.  

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