Cardio Workouts For Women – Easy at Home Exercises That Work

cardio workout at home

Jumping ropes are frequently regarded as the ultimate cardio workout for a cardio routine and is frequently used by many top athletes. However, you can perform it just about anywhere using just a basic jump rope that you can easily purchase at most sporting goods stores, which is good for a cardio workout at home. These days many people are also beginning to use them for weight loss as well as for increasing their cardiovascular strength. So let’s explore some of the ways in which these little machines can help you. Let’s also take a look at how you should perform them correctly so that you don’t injure yourself.

Hold The Jump Rope Handles In Your Hands Tightly With Both Hands

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First of all you need to hold the jump rope handles in your hands tightly with both hands. Next you will position yourself in a sitting or lying position with your feet about shoulder width apart from one another. Jumping rope workouts usually last between eight to ten seconds. After the ten seconds rest period you will then raise your arms over your head and return to the starting position. Repeat this pattern up to twenty seconds.

This cardio workout is ideal for building up your muscles but not just the cardio vascular system. This is because during these exercises, your heart rate elevates considerably because you are working so hard. As your heart rate elevates, the blood flows to your muscles increasing their metabolic rate. As your metabolic rate increases, your body fat starts to reduce and you lose weight fairly quickly.

Perform Three Times Per Week

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A beginner cardio workout should be performed three times per week. As your fitness level advances you can increase the number of repetitions or decrease the time of each exercise. The first exercise should be a ten-minute cardiovascular workout that is performed on an exercise ball. Your legs should be at least six inches away from the ball.

Muscle Activation

Cardio exercises done on the floor cause the most muscle activation. This is great news for those with injured knees. For the novice, performing two minutes on the floor will tone calves, thighs, abs and back. For the advanced beginner and intermediate exerciser performing ten minutes of cardio workouts on the elliptical machine is recommended. Elliptical machines allow you to perform cardio workouts on flat and incline surfaces which increases the amount of muscle activation.

There are many beginner cardio workouts to choose from when learning to perform exercises on the treadmill. A simple running or walking around the block can be performed before you begin your first set of cardiovascular exercises. Walking around slowly, while breathing deeply will increase the heart rate, burn more calories and help to increase your stamina. After you have an introduction to walking around the block, begin jogging in place. Running or jogging in place will increase your endurance, strengthen your legs and allow for more precise movements when exercising.

Final Words

Another effective exercise for increasing muscle size, tone and burn more calories than you would with a normal run or jog is burpees. Burpees are done by lying on the floor with your hands placed flat on the ground with your feet crossed under one another. Jumping up into the air and then jumping back down is performed. The jump, of course, isometric exercise. Increasing your muscle size requires the most strength so it is important to work on this exercise prior to your workout. Toe raises and chest presses are the other exercises often used in the same manner.

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