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10 Different Ways To Do A Push-up

10 Different Ways To Do A Push-up

If you are a push-up expert, you might be aware of the fact that it can be done in plenty of ways. While the basic push up is great to strengthen your arms and chest, other forms can benefit the rest parts of your body. If you have developed sufficient endurance and are ready to take your fitness goals to the next level, here are some other versions you can give a try.

1. Diamond Push-up

Also known as close grip push up, this version involves placing hands narrower than shoulder width. You have to keep your hands directly under your chest so that the two thumbs and indexes meet each other. This version is a great way to work on your triceps.

10 Different Ways To Do A Push Up
10 Different Ways To Do A Push-up

2. Wide Grip Push-up

In a wide grip push up, you will rest your hands farther than your shoulder-width. It allows more bending of elbows and recruits the biceps more than the traditional version. If you want to develop upper body and core strength while strengthening your pectoral muscles, this version is for you.

3. One-Legged

This form is a great way to challenge your core. Done with one foot fixed on the floor and other slightly raised, it will target your oblique and lower chest muscles. The overall benefit of this exercise will be strong core, hamstrings, lower back, and shoulders.

4. Single Arm

This form is one of the most challenging forms to execute. This position requires placing your feet wider than shoulder-width, a hand at the back or side, and the other hand directly below the middle of the chest.

5. Rotational Push-up

This version up can be easily executed by first performing the basic one, rotating your body and raising an arm such that your torso and arms form a ‘T’. Get into the original position, then again do the basic version, and repeat with the other side.

6. Spiderman Version

Spiderman form mainly focuses on your triceps, deltoids, and pectoral muscles. Set yourself in the basic push up position. As you lower yourself, lift your left foot and try to bring the knee toward your shoulder. Get back to the original form and repeat with the other foot.

7. Finger Tip Push-up

This version will not only strengthen your upper body but hands as well. It is done by placing your fingertips on the floor instead of palms.

8. Staggered Version

In this push-up form, you will place one hand higher than the other. Remember to keep both the hands in line with the shoulders. Besides working out on your biceps, triceps, shoulders, arms, and chest, this form will tone your core.

10 Different Ways To Do A Push-up
10 Different Ways To Do A Push-up

9. Incline Push-up

The incline push up involves a chair or bench to keep your hands. This form is basically for beginners who find it difficult to perform the basic version.

10. Clap Push-up

This dynamic version will allow you to clap your hands whenever you lift yourself off the ground from a basic version. It is extremely effective in increasing body awareness.

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